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January 16, 2019

Welcome To The Littlest Drawbridge Shop

About The Littlest Drawbridge Shop

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About The Littlest Drawbridge Shop

The Littlest Drawbridge Gift Shop was so named after reputably the smallest drawbridge in the world - the Somerset Bridge which was first built in 1620. We are not commercially connected to the bridge which is about 3 miles away. We opened in April 2001 and the shop has grown from being the smallest shop to a larger premises in the Clocktower Mall in the Royal Naval Dockyard, right at the main entrance to the Mall. This is your one-stop shop with beautiful original and unique hand-made aromatic Bermuda Cedar treasures, local gourmet foods and souvenir gift items including cap/tee shirt combos, aprons and colorful tote bags. For this season, we have added men's Bermuda shorts by Bermuda Styles and Bermuda ties and belts. For the connosieur we have a full range of Cuban cigars. You may contact us for more information and to order. Please drop by and see us. You'll love our service too and we do custom cedar work for customers and ship abroad via the Postal Service or major carriers. The beautiful watercolor of the bridge was painted by Ruth Vallis.